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Kwon BoA — M + Interview [x]


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0:00 - 0:37

MC: It’s been a quite a while. These are from Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin.

"We are a really good friends of BOA, so we often drink in private with her BUT whenever we go drinking together SHE NEVER LET US GO HOME.

Everyone was already in the atmosphere of “should we go home soon?”

but only BOA senpai couldn’t read the atmosphere because she’s always in “high tension” and excited.

that’s why no one actually dared to say “let’s go home” out loud and that’s why we’re so troubled.

and in the end we always ended up until morning

we just want her to read the atmosphere a little more”

0:40 - 1:03

BOA: but if they told me “we want to go home first” i’m okay with it

MC: *being noisy in disbelieve*

BOA: actually it’s because I’m the type that has slow reaction to alcohol, at first I was soberly drinking. and the when it’s time for everyone to go home (that’s the time when) I got excited.

MC: Ah… so the timing doesn’t matched

BOA: yes the phase doesn’t match

1:04 - 1:18

MC: Sounds really scary

BOA: It’s not scary!

MC: She got that S feeling

BOA: If you’re relating it to that kind of thing, i’m probably an M

Caption: (BoA) is “Not a calm person”

Trans: boomjagalaka

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